WordPress Themes – Advantage and Beauty

Wordpress themes

                       WordPress Themes are integral part of the management in WordPress. Best themes have features such as excellent functionality, interesting graphics, ordered structure, easy to use, theme must have beauty that attracts readers and this is often the most important. It’s obvious that everyone likes to visit the site with nice graphics.

Good theme helps writer (by functionality) as well as reader through beauty.  I think the two words – functionality and beauty can show the essence of themes.  Important elements are functions which theme has and their efficiency. This gives magical properties of your website. Writing theme is based on php, css and html. So you can write your own theme if you have skills and you use a good guide. You don’t create great themes without practice.

Beauty is important for readers. When you choose a theme you should also pay great attention to graphics. Interesting, clear graphics attracts attention, it’s certainly helpful for you. Everything must be transparent, beutiful when you look at it.

Originality is the most important. Theme with original features and original graphics is always wonderful.  Readers willingly see something original.

Currently themes are very powerful and available on many sites, there is also plenty of free. However, you can learn about WordPress from many sites and create your own original theme.



What is beautiful in WordPress?


WordPress is content management system with great versatility and magical properties. Users praise its functionality and many aspects of WordPress. It’s worth noting that blogging with this tool is easy and accessible to everyone.

What is the magic in WordPress? I think magic is a variety of possibilities that it creates. Starting from blogging and ending with earning a lot of money, and all of this with great passion and the most beautiful is that this way it’s possible for each.

One of the best things is WordPress community. This allows you to expand your knowledge, consult with other, you also can help. Talking with other people creates an amazing atmosphere, with some of them you can cooperate.

This is definitely something wonderful in WordPress.  Many current topics are on the forums,  for example



Magic is the same WordPress. WordPress creates a great amount of valuable things, for example plugins (http://wordpress.org/plugins/) or beautiful themes (http://www.elegantthemes.com/).

Knowledge can be continuously extended, because new sources of knowledge will replace old and useless.  This development is as beautiful as fresh-looking bubbles in the picture above. Everybody can contribute to the development of WordPress. Don’t miss it and you also should expand it.

How to become a giant in WordPress


How to become a giant in WordPress? Beginners often ask about it. I think it’s natural and good, because everybody needs as soon as possible to achieve appointed target. I’ll show easy steps to be a giant WordPress. Yes, I wrote “easy steps”, but you have to work hard, you must show patience, perseverance. Keep in mind that every step brings you closer to success, your efforts will not be wasted.

The work plan won’t be effective if you don’t work. WordPress isn’t a tool that you can learn in a week, it requires a lot of passion.  A lot of tools makes everyone, even the best have to learn. All the time you get to know  new issues and new problems.

I’ll describe what you can learn, you can also find many tutorials on the Internet.

  • You have to find out what is WordPress, how you can use it.  With these fundamentals you will be able to take further action.
  • You have to know in detail WordPress tools. You can analyze how to use them. This site can help you http://codex.wordpress.org/  You should also use blogs to learn.
  •  Knowledge of WordPress is huge. You can learn about for example: themes, plugins, posts, community, management and it’s still not enough.
  • You have to start your own blog and you have to write on blogs of other users. This will help you in your life in the  WordPress community.
  • Participate in forums. This will allow you to refresh your knowledge and solve many problems. Unfortunately, your knowledge is sometimes useless.
  • You should learn php, mysql, css, html. Without this knowledge web design isn’t possible. Your skills will be at a high level.
  • The main thing is work, work, work…

The overall plan can be implemented in detail by you, you don’t forget it.

WordPress Plugins


Plugins are magical tools and they cause that WordPress is more powerful content management system. Perhaps you are familiar with plugins like Hello Dolly and Akismet, you know that they are useful. Creating great content without plugins in WordPress is impossible. Without a doubt, their functionality is excellent.

It’s wonderful that are available for WordPress designers. A huge number of plugins is on http://wordpress.org/plugins/.


You can create your own plugins and this is the greatest advantage. Currently, there are many plugins but WordPress still need new and new. Creating plugins is an important skill that every designer needs to practice.

On the http://wordpress.org/plugins/ you can read  for example description, installation, screenshots, stats, rewiews, developers (about plugin). After reading you can download plugin.

Believe me, plugins can help, using them is a pleasure, a lot more than writing code. Plugins open the door to WordPress development and you have to know much about them.

Each plugin has a specific function that allows for good action, plugins are great, useful tool.

You should learn about plugins how much you can.

How to add Twitter to WordPress?


Twitter is an important tool for bloggers and web designers. It allows to gain popularity and rapidly grow. On twitter you can find a lot of valuable things and use a variety of information. It gives opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Popularity service isn’t accidental.

In this post I will explain how to add Twitter to WordPress.


In menu you have to click on widgets in Appearance and you’ll see there “Twitter Timeline”,  you have to drag it to sidebar. The next step is Twitter.

You have to go to Settings (Twitter) and select Widgets. Then you should click on Create new. Now you have everything you need.


In your Widget Configurator on Twitter you should find line data-widget-id=” number you have to copy”.  Paste it into Widget ID. Now save and twitter with your posts is ready.

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Widgets in WordPress

WordPress Widgets offer many opportunities. You can add content to sidebars (for example text or functional tools). Widgets in WordPress look very good and they are comfortable to use.

To select widget you have to go to appearance in WordPress menu and then click on widgets.


You will see space with available widgets. It’s full of widgets. Many of them will be useful for you.


You just have to drag one of them to sidebar and ready. However, you can change its settings. With widgets inserting a variety of content is much easier.

They give more efficient way to create the page.

How to add theme to WordPress?

Themes determine the attractiveness of the website or blog.  They can attract customers but also can discourage.

Adding beautiful, original theme can bring more traffic to your website.  A theme can make the content will become more transparent and nice.

You have to try many possibilities and choose the most convenient for your website. The most important is transparency and good layout.

It’s very easy to add a theme in WordPress, I’ll show it.

First you choose Appearance in the menu.

Then go to Themes.


You should see your theme and available themes.

You can select Popular, because they are usually functional and well tested, used by a lot of people.


Now you just have to activate it and it will be available for your website. You have to match theme to the content.

All your motives are in wp-content/themes.